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FILM TICKETS for "Disney's Big Hero 6"in 3D

EB is inviting you to the film preview for “Disney's Big Hero 6”!!

Preview Details:

Date : 20 December, 2014 (Sat)

Time: 12:00 noon

Venue: GH Whampao

Version: 3D Cantonese Dubbed Version

How to win:

  1. Complete any two lessons and score at least 70%.
  2. Watch the “Big Hero 6” trailer (http://www.wiseman.com.hk/site/news/2014/film_hero6_movie_20141203.shtml) and share with us your answer to the following question: If you were a robotics prodigy like Hiro Hamada, what kind of robot would you create? and why?

Send us your answer, name, school’s name, class and contact details (email and phone number) to campaign@wiseman.com.hk. EB will give out 2 x 5 tickets to students who send us the best sharing passage.

The winners list will be released on or before 12 Dec 2014 (Fri). . Winners will receive a confirmation email.

Tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Wiseman Education reserves the final right to the awards-winner list and use of sharing for marketing purpose.

Special thanks to