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Winners for "Disney's Big Hero 6"in 3D

Winners' List

School Name Class Gift
TWGHs Li Ka Shing College Chow Tik Sang 4E Film Tickets X 2
Clementi Secondary School Shum Ting Hong 1M Film Tickets X 2
Cheung Chuk Shan College Hung Yan Ching S3 Film Tickets X 2
St Paul's Convent School Lo Cheuk Lam Janice 3U Film Tickets X 2
St Paul's Convent School Chan Kay Ching Heidi 5A Film Tickets X 2
Wah Yan College Hong Kong Cheung Ho Fai Andrew 3Y_MC Film Tickets X 2
Munsang College Tam Hoi Ying 2A Film Tickets X 2
CCC Heep Woh College Au Chi Ho 4X Film Tickets X 2

Winners will receive a confirmation email by 15 Dec 2013 (Mon). Please follow the instruction on the email to pick up your gift.

Enjoy the gifts and keep visiting our website for the coming campaigns!

Sharing by winners

"If you were a robotics prodigy like Hiro Hamada, what kind of robot would you create? and why?"

�If I were the amazing robotics prodigy like Hiro Hamada, I would like to create a sporty and full of knowledge robot.

Obviously, I do love sports very much as well as my study, Every day after school, I will go to football ground to practice it with my schoolmates. Unluckily, we don't think a couch or teacher to teach us be more powerful, so if I can create a sporty robot, he has to follow my life and teach me to play football, or we can join in a same match!!

This is very great thing as we can go to the same school and take part in the same match! I wanna have this amazing experiment in my life!

Moreover, when I meet obstacles in my life of study, even in secondary or the University, this 'brother' can teach me everything in life being, science, kitchen or share my happiness, because a real friend can share and share alike!!! Does it??? How about you? If you were the smartest boy, what would you create?? Can you tell me??�

Chow Tik Sang | TWGHs Li Ka Shing College

I would create a robot nanny. My parents are working day and night six days a week in order to make a living. They have spent a lot on my younger twin brothers and me of course such as giving us pocket money and participating in different competitions and activities. However, my brothers and I have to concentrate more on our studies which then most of the house chores are done by our parents.

After everyday�s tiring work, I want my parents to sit down and have a rest. Watching TV or have a chat with us. If I create a robot nanny, it can help us with the house chores and lower our stress level. It will be a great help to us. With more time for me to spend with my family, we will build up a closer and better relationship which we can then get to understand each other more and get along with harmony.�

Chan Kay Ching Heidi | St Paul's Convent School

�I would like to create a robot to save victims in the fire. The robot is named �firebot�. It should be fireproof and includes necessaries to save people in emergence of a fire. I saw in the newspaper that several firemen sacrificed to save victims in the fire. Their actions deserve our gratitude yet their families and friends would suffer in great sorrow. In order to prevent any other miserable event from happening, I proposed the creation of �firebot�. It is found that the most fatal weapon in a fire is the smoke released when burning. However, firebot does not need oxygen as human does. Instead, it can carry oxygen supplying device to the victims and prevent them die of suffocation. Moreover, the robot can be installed with smart detection system to find out the exact location of victims. This allows them to reach the victim by using the shortest route and hence the victims can be rescued in a more efficient manner. Therefore, the new technology can not only save the lives in the fire but also the heart of families and friends.�

Tam Hoi Ying | Munsang College

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