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FILM Premiums for Disney's "Into the Woods"

Winners' List

School Name Class Gift
St Paul's Convent School Chan Kay Ching Heidi 5A Notebook & memo pad

Winners will receive a confirmation email by 21 January, 2015 (Wed). Please follow the instruction on the email to pick up your gift.

Enjoy the gifts and keep visiting our website for the coming campaigns!

Sharing by winners

Into the Woods is inspired by several famous fairy tales, including "Little Red Riding Hood", "Cinderella", "Jack and the Beanstalk" and "Rapunzel". Among these stories, which one do you like best and why?

I like “Little Red Riding Hood” the best since the life morals behind are very meaningful. The little red riding hood is a little kind-hearted girl and she cares for people around her. She obeys her mum to pay a visit to her grandmother who is sick. She walked along the road and picked flowers for her grandmother, which is so kind of her. However, I also learnt not to talk to strangers since it is very dangerous. It may put you at risk as not all people are kind.

This is quite a popular fairy tale known by many children. The plot is simple and interesting which attracts children’s attention and love for the story. The fairy tale not only teaches them to care for others, but also to be careful, and not to disclose personal information to strangers.

Chan Kay Ching Heidi | St Paul's Convent School

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