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Winners for "Paddington"

Winners' List

School Name Class Gift
CCC Kei To Secondary School Chan Wing Lam 2A Film Tickets X 2
St Paul's Secondary School Cheung Hoi Yin Athena 4C Film Tickets X 2
Cheung Chuk Shan College Hung Wing Yiu 6C Film Tickets X 2
PLK Ngan Po Ling College Yip Yuk Long Ryan 4S1 Film Tickets X 2

Winners will receive a confirmation email 16 Dec 2013 (Tue). Please follow the instruction on the email to pick up your gift.

Enjoy the gifts and keep visiting our website for the coming campaigns!

Sharing by winners

"Tell us what you like about Paddington bear the best, and why?”"

“Paddington bear comes from the forest of Peru and is found at Paddington Railway Station in London by the Brown family, sitting on his suitcase. Apart from his adorable and fluffy brown fur all over his body, his silly stupid action in this strange world and the unconsciousness of him for what he has done are the best thing I like about Paddington bear. The kind of innocent of the bear makes me feel more lovely and cute of him. For example, he does not know what the toothbrushes are for and he puts them into his ears. He then tries to taste the ear dirt and simply take something nearby for rinsing his mouth without noticing what is that actually. This kind of silly and clumsy chain reaction caused by his unawareness of the consequences of what he has done at the beginning. This kind of movement indeed makes most of the people who watch or read the story about Paddington laugh. The unintentional act of him is the most laughable thing about Paddigton bear and this is the main reason for me enjoying the books and animations about him. This shows the naive and pure of the bear which is the most valuable quality of the movie. I believe that besides the iconic clothing with a big hat and the duffle coat, Paddington bear as the classic character from English children's literature and can be so popular throughout the years is because of his lovely, laughable but unintentional action.”

Cheung Hoi Yin Athena | St Paul's Secondary School

“I think the humour of Paddington Bear is the best I like. Paddington Bear can bring everyone a smile and lots of laughter. When I was watching at the trailer, I was totally attracted by the action and reaction of it. For example, it has many strange behaviours ,not as same as human beings and it even puts toothbrushes into its ears!!!

Also, my parents love to watch comedy and hilarious films or shows. Therefore, I am looking forward to watch this film not only with my parents, but also with my best friends in this Christmas.

Yip Yuk Long Ryan | PLK Ngan Po Ling College

“The thing that I like most about Paddington bear is his cute act. Out of curiosity, this little bear will use the tooth brush to pick his ear in the trailer. His clumsy action reminds me of the infant baby about how they explore this brand new world with their eyes and hands, just like Paddington bear. What I like about it is not only what he did, but also his distinctive wear. His dressing of a red hat and blue cape is also well-known to everyone and easy to be remembered.

Hung Wing Yiu | Cheung Chuk Shan Colleg

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