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Winners for "The Nut Job"

Winners' List

School Name Class Gift
CCC Heep Woh College Au Chi Ho Ken 3D Film Tickets X 2
CCC Kei To Secondary School Chan Wing Lam 1A Film Tickets X 2
Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section) Chow Yeuk Lam Linda 2D Film Tickets X 2
St Paul's Convent School Lo Cheuk Lam Janice 2S Film Tickets X 2
St Rose of Lima's College Chan Hong Ki Bonnie 5A Film Tickets X 2
TWGHs Li Ka Shing College Chow Tik Sang 3D Film Tickets X 2
Wah Yan College, Hong Kong Cheung Ho Fai Andrew 2Y Film Tickets X 2

Winners will receive a confirmation email by 15 Apr, 2014 (Tue). Please follow the instruction on the email to pick up your gift.

Enjoy the gifts and keep visiting our website for the coming campaigns!

Sharing by winners

"Surly the squirrel uses different ways to steal the nuts from the nut shop. Which way do you think Surly and his friends could finally get the nuts? Share your ideas."

“That must be the method of flying with birds. Squirrel and his friends can act as parachuters, locating on the place they want. Birds are creatures with sharp eyesight. They can ensure squirrel and his friends to have a flexible and trouble-free landing. As filmed by the movie, squirrel is troubled by the cheese trap and probably slows down his stealing progress. With the help by birds, they can fly over and avoid these obstacles, as well as hiding from their biggest enemies - owners of the nut stop… birds are like mini helicopters. They can capture their friends at any time and any place. They will vanish behind the frames of window and jump across the fences. After all, it is just a matter of time if the birds can carry the nuts and their friends out of the company.”

Chan Hong Ki Bonnie | St Rose of Lima's College

"…I think the best way for Surly and his friends to get the nuts is to make friends with the dog. If Surly and his friends make friends with the dog in the nut shop, the dog will not bark at them as he knows that the squirrels are his friends. As the dog will not bark fiercely, the shopkeeper of the nut shop will not notice that there are squirrels to steal his nuts. Then, Surly and his friends can steal the nuts from the nut shop. At the same time, they can also have a new friend. Therefore, I think the best way is to make friends with the dog in the nut shop."

Lo Cheuk Lam Janic | St Paul's Convent School

"First of all, Surly is the head and he can lead the members to steal the nuts in the Nut Shop. Next, buddy, the rat can use bungee jump method and just into the clothes of the human body. This can affect the attention of the people working at the shop. The bat, Mole can dig the holes and make a tunnel for the members to go into the nut shop. Although he is blind, he can have am extremely important function. The dog, precious can disguise as a dead dog. As a result, the people in the shop won’t kill her and at the same time other members have a chance to steal the nut. Other characters such as Grayson, Andie and Bruisers can unite together and help the others to steal their nuts. Hope my plan will be successful and the animals won’t get hungry in this Easter."

Au Chi Ho Ken | CCC Heep Woh College

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