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Winners for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

Winners' List

School Name Class Gift
Pui Shing Catholic Secondary School Li Chun Hin, Kian 1A Film Tickets X 2
Munsang College Chan Lwong Sing 2A Film Tickets X 2
CCC Heep Woh College Au Chi Ho, Ken 3D Film Tickets X 2

Winners will receive a confirmation email on 4 Aug, 2014 (Mon). Please follow the instruction on the email to pick up your gift.

Enjoy the gifts and keep visiting our website for the coming campaigns!

Sharing by winners

“Among the four Ninja Turtles, which one is your favorite, and why? (You may state the color of their eye masks, or the name of the Ninja Turtle.”

“I think Leonardo is my favorite ninja turtle because he is so good at with his sword and I think he is the one who is so good at Kung Fu. At the first movie his outfit was super cool but this time when I go do some research about the movie I think Leonardo outfit was super amazing I really love his outfit and his skin is so many detail and his skin is really look like a trained ninja, he also so armed he look like he is ready to taking out the bad guy. I really like him he was my favorite ninja turtle when the first movie of TMNT I really think that Leonardo is so cool but this time I think he is super amazing . :) : ) :) :)”

Li Chun Hin, Kian | Pui Shing Catholic Secondary School

“…My favourite Ninja Turtles the one with orange eyes masks as when I watch the trailer, I found that he is a very interesting character and he love to talk joke. It make me think of one of my friend that he also love to tell joke to make me and other friends laugh. I think the Ninja Turtles will also make me laugh happily.”

Chan Lwong Sing | Munsang College

“In my opinion, Mikey who wears an orange eye mask is my favorite character in this film because of several reasons. First of all, he is a free-spirited jokester and he always brings fun to the others. Even in some moment he and other Ninja Turtles are fighting against some powerful enemies, he still can make some jokes to form a humorous atmosphere. This can make the story more interesting. As a result, I think he play an important role in the story. In addition, Mikey likes wielding a pair of nunchakus during any fights. Affected be Bruce Lee, a famous Chinese martial artist, I think using a pair of nunchakus is very cool. Therefore, I appreciate Mikey’s courage when playing his amazing weapon. Do you know Mikey is an adventurous turtle? He loves adventures most and we should learn from him. If we usually afraid of the world outside, we will be only be the frogs under the well. In contrast, we should try to take some adventures outside the world. At the same time, adventures can let people become more knowledgeable towards the Earth and it educates us how to obtain more knowledge. Finally, the last thing we should learn from Mikey is unlimited creativity. We ought not to think only in one way as it is too boring. Because of this, we can try to create more methods or solution to solve the problems. This can keep our brains remain healthy and our writing skill also will be better. Actually, other ninja Turtles except Mikey also have some advantages we should obtain. However, Mikey is my favorite when compared with the others Ninja Turtles.”

Au Chi Ho Ken | CCC Heep Woh College

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